Bookbinding Set #3B: Section Punching Cradle Type B + Corner Cutting Jigs + Corner Clamps for Boxmaking (3d-printed, Mark II)

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Relatively new to bookbinding, so I sternl...

Relatively new to bookbinding, so I sternly told myself I wasn't going to buy a lot of supplies until I knew the hobby was going to "stick"... but boy oh boy is it easier to prep signatures with this handy tool. Worth its weight in gold! Wonderful and well crafted!

Christian H
Ottima qualità degli articoli, che ho trov...

Ottima qualità degli articoli, che ho trovato esattamente come me li aspettavo.

Melanie F
Great product and really fast delivery. I'...

Great product and really fast delivery. I'm really happy with my purchase.

Shelly P
This review has no content.

This review has no content.

Scott M
Absolutely fantastic set, great value and...

Absolutely fantastic set, great value and great quality- very pleased

This set includes two of our most popular items and allows you to save up to 45% on the price!

=== Corner Cutting Jigs ===

A simple and smart corner cutting jig for bookbinders allows you to cut the corner of the turn-in material exactly where you want it to be.

You may order any base thickness and any wall thickness from 1/16" to 1/4" (1 mm to 7 mm).
The length of the longest side is about 9 cm (3 5/8").

The wall also acts as a safety element, making this corner cutting tool suitable even for small children (under supervision). Find out more here:

With this package you get 4 corner cutting jigs, saving on the item price and shipping.

Default bundle includes the following sizes with low walls (7 mm high):
- 1x 1,5 mm;
- 1x 2 mm;
- 1x 2,5 mm;
- 1x 3 mm.

If you want to get other types of jigs (high wall, angled wall or jigs without the wall), please leave a comment along with the order.

More details about the set and the available options:

=== Corner Clamps for Boxmaking ===

This smart and simple jig allows you to have perfect 90-degree angles when making boxes. What's even better, it makes the process hassle-free and saves time!
The set includes four jigs, so you will be able to clamp all four of the corners simultaneously. Or work on several different projects.

Metal screw provides enough tension so that the clamp wouldn't slip and will hold the corner properly while the glue dries.
An opening at the tip of the corner allows you to check if pieces of cardboard are connected perfectly.
To apply even more pressure, the movable part has a special thumb-holder. And rails will guarantee that the angle is always perfectly straight!

The height of the wall is 15 mm. The sides are about 55 mm long.

This corner clamp is based on the original design by Marcelo Castillo (Argentina).

More details about the set and the available options:

=== Punching Cradle ===

This hole punching tool helps to prepare all of the signatures of a book you are working on in an identical manner. With the guidance of this cradle, the holes for sewing will be in the exact same location as relating to the top and bottom of the sheet or section.

Punching tool Type B features a chiseled design of the cradle. For a more classic version please check Type A of the tool.

220 mm tool with 10 mm spacing has 21 holes. 310 mm tool with 10 mm spacing has 30 holes. 350 mm tool with 10 mm spacing has 34 holes. Please also check other options and configurations.

The holes are numbered for ease of use and replication on different projects. The numbers are printed in a contrasting color for better visibility.

An awl isn't included.

More details about the tool and the available options:


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Free tracking is available:
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