Signature Punching Tool with Contrasting Numbers / Signature Punching Cradle / Hole Punching Tool (3d-printed, Type B, Mark II)

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Hugh Mackay
Mixed feelings

I can't fault the product for precision of construction, or functionality - it works very well. I'm disappointed, though, that unlike the cradles illustrated on the website, with crisp, easily legible numbering, the cradle I've received has patchy, sometimes rather indistinct numbering. I feel as if I've been given "seconds" to be honest. Not what I was expecting, given the excellence of the products shown on the website.

Deb Rich
Punching cradle

Was disappointed to find the numbers were were barely visible. Useable only after I went over the numbers with a permanent marker.

Nick B
Thanks Stepan for another piece of quality...

Thanks Stepan for another piece of quality kit! It makes the process of punching holes so much more consistent. The only thing Mr Picky doesn't like is the depth and width of the channel in the base - would be nice (but not essential) for it to be 0.5mm wider and 1.5mm deeper to make a bigger hole for thicker thread. I've promised Mr Picky I'll get him a fatter awl and that seems to have shut him up.... for a while!

Keelyn Wright

This is something that I've wanted to get for a while (basically ever since I learned that they were a thing), but kept telling myself that I didn't need it. That it was just a luxury and wouldn't really make much of a difference with my bookbinding.

I was very wrong. It is such a huge help, both with making sure my holes are properly aligned and making me punch holes more quickly. I'm kicking myself for not buying it sooner and definitely recommend other bookbinding who are on the fence purchase it as well.

Maud M
This review has no content.

This review has no content.

This hole punching tool helps to prepare all of the signatures of a book you are working on in an identical manner. With the guidance of this cradle, the holes for sewing will be in the exact same location as relating to the top and bottom of the sheet or section.

This version of the tool has the numbers of the holes printed in a contrasting color of plastic (see the images.)
Punching tool Type B features a chiseled design of the cradle. For a more classic version please check Type A of the tool.

220 mm tool with 10 mm spacing has 21 holes. 310 mm tool with 10 mm spacing has 30 holes. Please also check other options or make a customized order for other sizes and configurations.

The "Puzzle" versions of the tool are made in pieces that you'll have to assemble on your own (check the photo above):
400 mm, 500 mm, and 600 mm.
That allows to save on the shipping and keep the final price of the product lower.
If you want us to preassemble them, please make a customized order. The final price will be higher by approximately 20 euros.

The holes are numbered for ease of use and replication on different projects.

An awl isn't included.

If you want to get your items printed in some other color, that may be done for an additional 10 euro fee (if the color is available at our supplier).

You can always add tracking to your order for an additional fee.
Free tracking is available:
- for orders from the EU above 60 euros
- for orders from other parts of the world above 100 euros.

By default, items are printed in any random color available at the moment. If you want to choose a specific color, please write us a message. Colors currently available are listed in our FAQ section: