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Magnetic Square for Registration (3d-printed, with neodymium magnets)

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Beth L
These 90 degree magnets are handy for a nu...

These 90 degree magnets are handy for a number of uses. They have a strong hold, I use the with my paper cutter that has a magnetic base. I can line up my paper perfectly against them. I can stack them for a taller magnet. Stephan is very helpful and will do what he can to meet your needs.

Lynnee L
I use a lot of iBookbinding products - gre...

I use a lot of iBookbinding products - great products, great service and fast delivery. My paper cutter is never quite accurate and the results are inconsistent so I use the magnetic registration squares on my paper cutter for fast, exact cuts. Great tool.

Sarah J
Very useful tool - thank you :) I will be...

Very useful tool - thank you :) I will be back for more soon I think 😊

This 3D-printed square has neodymium magnets safely embedded in the plastic. So it can be attached to any ferromagnetic surface (like iron or steel beds of board shears, guillotines, presses, etc.)

It can be used for registration of your prints during printing or blocking, or for positioning materials on a guillotine / kutrimmer / board shear.

This item includes either one square of a large or small size or a set of two squares.

- 220 x 160 mm (large)
- 160 x 80 mm (small)
Thickness: 3.5 mm

Squares are 3D-printed with either PETG or ASA plastic, so the glass transition temperature is around 80-100°C. This makes it less probable that the tool will be damaged by the heated elements of blocking pres or other similar equipment.

Colors are used for demonstration only. By default, our jigs and tools are printed in any random color available at the moment. If you want to choose a specific color, please message us. Colors currently available are listed in our FAQ section: https://www.etsy.com/shop/BonefolderClub#more-section
If you want your jigs printed in another color, that may be done for an additional 10 euro fee (if the color is available at our supplier).