4x Magnetic Corner Clamps (90-degree, 3d-printed, Mark II)

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Araceli E
Great item! Printed and sent really quickl...

Great item! Printed and sent really quickly

Marcelina E
Arrived as per schedule. Exactly what I ne...

Arrived as per schedule. Exactly what I need to help me finish off a clamshell box. Ideal bit of kit!

Michael R
These will be perfect for case making proj...

These will be perfect for case making project.

Robyn C
As usual, iBookbinding has the BEST made i...

As usual, iBookbinding has the BEST made items available at reasonable prices. I have made multiple purchases with iBookbinding and I am NEVER disappointed. I don't know how I managed to make boxes and trays without these magnetic corner clamps!!! It's like having an extra hand! (flat square and magnetic corner clamps shown in photo)

Robyn C
iBookbinding Store is The Best of The Best!

Impeccable quality every time. I have ordered a number of items from iBookbinding Store over the years and they are always flawless! Super high quality material and printing, excellent communication, and top notch service. Best bookbinding resource around! The Magnetic Corner Clamps are like having an extra hand in the studio. I don't know why I waited so long to get them!

Set of four 90-degree magnetic corner clamps for bookbinding, boxmaking, and other crafts and hobbies. The set includes four outer parts, four inner parts, and one straight part (see the first photo for reference) of the chosen size and height.

3d-printed with PLA plastic, the clamps have neodymium magnets safely embedded within the plastic. Tested with 3-mm-thick cardboard, but should hold against an even thicker material.

The clamps are available in several variations:
- small 40x40 mm, 10 mm high - weaker magnetic force
- small 40x40 mm, 18 mm high
- large 50x50 mm, 10 mm high
- large 50x50 mm, 18 mm high - the strongest magnetic force among these clamps

Featured by DAS Bookbinding: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rrirTotoe_o

Warning: large double-level clamps are really strong, so to avoid damage, we recommend pulling them sideways rather than just straightforwardly taking them apart.

The set was updated to meet the safety standards related to small magnetic items.

For other sets, shapes, and angles of these clamps, please check this link: https://www.etsy.com/shop/iBookBindingStore?section_id=28261749
If you'd like to get other sizes, shapes, or angles, please make a request for customization.

By default, our jigs and tools are printed in any random color available at the moment. If you want to choose a specific color, please message us. Colors currently available are listed in our FAQ section: https://www.etsy.com/shop/BonefolderClub#more-section
If you want to get your jigs printed in some other color, that may be done for an additional 10 euro fee (if the color is available at our supplier).