90-Degree Advanced Signature Punching Tool for Bookbinding / Signature Punching Cradle / Hole Punching Tool (3d-printed, Type C, Mark II)

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Ellen A
Thoughtfully designed and well-constructed...

Thoughtfully designed and well-constructed. Arrived in a timely manner. Very good communications.

Ellen A Endter
Helpful and well-designed tool

The device is thoughtfully designed and made. As I advance in age, it is harder for me to hold pages steady or to punch accurately with the impromptu tools of an old book and cardboard template. This cradle is very helpful.

Bellovely L
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This review has no content.

Miller B
Not only is the quality superb, but it arr...

Not only is the quality superb, but it arrived quicker than expected. I am in love with this tool and have used it numerous times already. I have saved so much time and is now hassle free.. The ease and accuracy have noticeably improved my projects, and it has afforded me the opportunity to be more creative with my bindings. I will be back to order more clever tools.

Marieke V
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This hole punching tool helps to prepare all of the signatures of a book you are working on in an identical manner. With the guidance of this cradle, the holes for sewing will be in the exact same location as relating to the top and bottom of the sheet or section.

The design of the advanced punching tool (type C) implements lots of comments and requests for improvements that we collected since we introduced our own take on the section punching cradle during autumn 2019. Some of these requests are already realized in the designs of our other punching tools. But the rest of them were reserved for this advanced version.

Here are some of these changes and additions:
- The width of the groove in cradles is reduced from 3 mm to 1 mm, preventing signatures from being pushed into the groove. The initial size was taken as granted from designs of wooden punching cradles, where it is dictated by the thickness of the table saw’s blade. However, as we 3d-print our tools, we can make almost any adjustments here. This change is being propagated to other versions and sizes of our punching cradles as well;
- At the head of the cradle, there’s a screw now, that allows you to fine-tune the distance from the top of the signature to the first hole;
- Corresponding part of the awl guide now has a magnet embedded, that keeps the guide secured in its position and not allowing it to shift. This ensures precise positioning of the holes in all signatures;
- The advanced version of the cradle has new fixtures that allow you to clamp the cradle to your workbench and hang it on the wall when the work is done:
- Now you can choose the angle of the cradle’s opening. It can either be 90º (sent by default, as it was before), or 120º. The wider angle is handy for larger signatures, as the sides curve less, have more support by partially laying on the table. All this minimizes the risk of damaging the paper while punching holes in the fold. For the 120-degree tool please use the following link: https://www.etsy.com/listing/760850506/

220 mm tool with 10 mm spacing has 21 holes. 310 mm tool with 10 mm spacing has 30 holes. The standard maximum size is 600 mm. Please also check other options or make a customized order for other sizes and configurations.

Please send a message if you'd like to get a 120º version of the tool. By default, a 90º cradle is sent.

The "Puzzle" versions of the tool (350 mm and larger) are printed in pieces and then glued together. You can find more info about this and other aspects of the design on our website: https://wp.me/p7VeMV-74h
"D/assembled" stands for disassembled - you'll have to glue parts of this item on your own (CA glue should serve the purpose perfectly). That allows saving on shipping and keeping the final price lower.

The holes are numbered for ease of use and replication on different projects.

An awl isn't included.

If you want to get your items printed in some other color, that may be done for an additional 10 euro fee (if the color is available at our supplier).

You can always add tracking to your order for an additional fee.
Free tracking is available:
- for orders from the EU above 60 euros
- for orders from other parts of the world above 100 euros.

By default, items are printed in any random color available at the moment. If you want to choose a specific color, please write us a message. Colors currently available are listed in our FAQ section: https://ibookbinding.myshopify.com/apps/help-center#hc-colors-of-plastic