Signature Punching Tool with Contrasting Numbers / Signature Punching Cradle / Hole Punching Tool (3d-printed, Type B, Mark II)

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Christi M
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Papiermeister Jefe
very nice tool

this sig cradle/ punch guide is a time saving wonder. very well made, sturdy, lightweight and accurate.
higly recommend for the small press/ bindery like my studio.

Luke R
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Kristofer U
Exactly what I was looking for!

Exactly what I was looking for!

Great product but watch out for the size of the holes

I love this tool so much! I haven't used it a lot yet but I know it will make my life easier. It is absolutely well made. I can feel it's sturdy and the marking for the holes is quite handy too.

The only thing as I saw mentioned in another review is that the size of the holes did not fit my awl (not all the way as it is a tailor's awl and a bit thicker at the base). I've gotten thinner awls now so I can use it properly. That being said, I managed to use it with the bigger awl by using the tool to press on the pages, and punching my holes in front of the bar inside, sliding it outwards as I moved on.

I think it is a great product anyways: practical and sturdy! Delighted with my purchase. Thank you :)

This hole punching tool helps to prepare all of the signatures of a book you are working on in an identical manner. With the guidance of this cradle, the holes for sewing will be in the exact same location as relating to the top and bottom of the sheet or section.

This version of the tool has the numbers of the holes printed in a contrasting color of plastic (see the images.)
Punching tool Type B features a chiseled design of the cradle. For a more classic version please check Type A of the tool.

220 mm tool with 10 mm spacing has 21 holes. 310 mm tool with 10 mm spacing has 30 holes. Please also check other options or make a customized order for other sizes and configurations.

The "Puzzle" versions of the tool are made in pieces that you'll have to assemble on your own (check the photo above):
400 mm, 500 mm, and 600 mm.
That allows to save on the shipping and keep the final price of the product lower.
If you want us to preassemble them, please make a customized order. The final price will be higher by approximately 20 euros.

The holes are numbered for ease of use and replication on different projects.

An awl isn't included.

If you want to get your items printed in some other color, that may be done for an additional 10 euro fee (if the color is available at our supplier).

You can always add tracking to your order for an additional fee.
Free tracking is available:
- for orders from the EU above 60 euros
- for orders from other parts of the world above 100 euros.

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